Hostgator web hosting review

If you are looking for a detailed Hostgator review you can read it here Hostgator Shared Web Hosting is something that I was utilizing from the day I was tired of GoDaddy Shared Hosting. The primary web facilitating that I at any point purchased was GoDaddy however I would state their common facilitating is extremely more regrettable on the grounds that they assert a ton and give less.

I know the way that you get what you paid for yet that circumstance was much more awful than that. I would state they are great as an area name supplier and I at present have more than sixty space facilitated by them.

After the horrible involvement with Godaddy, I moved to Hostgator shared web facilitating and believe me I was never baffled. They could deal with my numerous site and movement to the site.

I facilitated around 12 space and every area was accepting around thousand site visits for every day which makes it 12000 site hits for each day and they could without much of a stretch handle this with circulated activity at numerous hours of the day.

One day my activity began expanding and I got 500 blunder page since I was utilizing Hostgator asset in abundance. The issue was not Hostgator reviews but rather it was me.

My site began to develop and it was the ideal opportunity for me to move to a superior facilitating so I attempted VPS cloud facilitating from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, google cloud, Amazon aws, and CloudCone.

The issue was that this cloud (This word just mean capacity to scale) facilitating suppliers are unmanaged web facilitating suppliers that mean I should

introduce the Specific os on the server utilizing the order line

overseen server security (which implies I can’t put the fault on facilitating organization when I get hacked)

introduce WordPress Myself

Oversee security of WordPress

Explain the server issues

For the most part I should oversee everything myself. I am not a server administrator and I require web facilitating and no issues so I moved to Managed Cloud Hosting and I attempted numerous web facilitating and Hostgator Cloud Hosting was one of them.